February Updates

Spring Hare Stand-Up Pinkeep 


 This Stacy Nash design depicts a 
primitive hare holding a bouquet of
posies with a basket of flowers by
his side.

The stand-up measures 7-1/4" x 4-1/2" at
the base and is stitched on aged linen.  
It is backed with cotton and has a rigid base
so it sits flat.   The thread colors are
muted and compliment the design.
I have stitched ruched ribbon on the edge.

 This is a large stitchery, note the
depth of the stand-up on the picture.

~ tis sold - Thank You Vicki ~

1830 Primitive Pillow Tuck

A cute design from Queen Bee Handmade depicts
an adorable little bunny trailing after his Mom.
".....wait Ma, I have one more egg for the wagon!" 
Little bunny brother is already tucked in the
front of the wagon hitchin' a free ride.    

This pillow tuck was stitched on aged linen
with cotton threads and measures 5-1/2" x 9".
It is lightly batt filled. 

It is backed with Pendleton wool and filled
 with wool and linen snippets.  The tuck is
closed with a primitive whip stitch on the
bottom.  A rusty safety pin and heart are
pinned on the front lower corner.

~ tis sold - Thank You Diane ~


Alphabet Sampler Pillow Tuck

This primitive pillow tuck is a design from
Primitive Stitchin and measures 6"x 6-1/4".  
 This was stitched with cotton threads on
aged linen and has small cross stitches 
on the edges, primitive whip stitch closes
the bottom.

The tuck is filled with wool and linen snippets 
and backed with 100% wool.

 ~ tis sold - Thank You Vicki ~

Thank you for stopping by, 
see you next month !
~ Karen ~