July Updates

Tending The Farm Hornbook

Measuring 7" x 7", this needle punch 
hornbook depicts a primitive gal tending 
to her chickens and gardens. 

The wood hornbook is hand cut with 
reclaimed wood, there is a slight groove 
in the piece from its previous use as part 
of a drawer from an old kitchen cupboard.  

The piece is based in black and sanded.
There is rusty wire around the top.  
Valdani hand over-dyed threads are used throughout.
~ Tis Sold - Thank You Vicki ~

Home  - Linen Cupboard Hanger

This cupboard hanger measures 
4-1/4" x 4-1/2" and is stitched on aged 
linen with hand over-dyed thread.  

Just one muted color of thread was used 
throughout which gives it a soft tone.  
The edge is blanket stitched cotton thread 
and I have tied on a rusty heart in the corner.

It is backed with a very dark subtle 
plaid wool, the hand cut hanger is also 
the same wool and adds an additional 4" 
in length.  The hanger is lightly stuffed 
with wool snippets.  

Kindly asking $19 which includes travel 
fare via USPS Priority Mail.  

Ye Olde House Needle Punch Hanger

Ye Olde House needle punch measures 
5" x 5-1/2" and is worked with Valdani 
hand over-dyed threads on weavers cloth. 

It is backed with dark green wool, 
the hand cut hanger is of the same wool 
and adds an additional 4" in length.  

It is edge stitched with black boucle,
there is a rusty key attached to the upper 
Kindly asking $32 which includes travel 
fare via USPS Priority Mail.  


Thanks so much for visiting, see you next month 
~ Karen ~