November Updates

Turkey Love - Cupboard Hanger

 This cupboard hanger measures
4-1/2" x 3".  The hanger adds an
additional 2" in overall height. 

 I stitched this on overdyed linen 
and batt filled it.  
Overdyed chenille is hand stitched
on the edges and it is backed with 
a cotton print. 

~ tis sold - Thank you Nancy ~

Gobble Pinkeep

Gobble pinkeep measures 4-1/2" x 6-1/4". 
It is stitched on overdyed linen with 
conventional cotton threads.

Gobble is loosely filled with snippets
and closed with a primitive stitch on
the bottom.
A rusty heart is attached in the corner,
it is backed with wool felt and has
running stitches along the front edges.

~ Tis sold - Thank You Pam ~

Turkey Hill Needle Punch Hornbook

This primitive hornbook measures 
6-1/2" x 9-1/4" and is hand cut from 
repurposed wood that once was an olde 
shipping crate.
The needle punch is worked with
Valdani hand over-dyed threads and
edged with black boucle.

~ Tis sold - Thank You Cheryl ~ 

Winter Tyme Cupboard Hanger

Winter Tyme cupboard hanger measures
4" x 3-3/4", the hanger adds an additional
4" to the overall height.  
I stitched this on sage linen with muted
conventional cotton threads.

Dark sage twist cord edges the 
stitchery and an organza bow
is secured to the top.

~ Tis sold - Thank You Muriel ~ 

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