November Updates

Tom Turkey Needle Punch Hornbook

Tom measures 7-1/4" x 6-3/4" and is stitched with Valdani 
hand over-dyed threads.  He is an adaptation from 
Notforgotten Farm; the wood hornbook is 
hand cut from reclaimed wood with plenty 
of age marks.  
It is lightly stained and sanded.  

The stitchery is edged with black boucle and has jute, rusty
wire and a rusty look key wound around the top.  

~ Tis Sold - Thank You Karen ~


Give Thanks Linen Stitchery

Give Thanks measures 11-1/4" x 7-1/2" x 3/4".  It 
is stitched on aged linen with hand over-dyed threads.  

 The stitchery is backed with a brown paper 
dust cover and is trimmed with rustic jute.  

 The frame is primitive cut, antiqued, based in
black and sanded.  

~ Tis sold - Thank You Donna ~


Turkey and Pumpkin Hornbook

Turkey and pumpkin hornbook measures 5-1/2" x 9" 
and is an adaptation from Notforgotten Farm.
It is stitched with Valdani hand over-dyed threads
and edged with black boucle.

The wood hornbook is hand cut, based in black
 and has rusty wire with an assortment of buttons 
looped through the wire.  

~ Tis Sold - Thank You Susan ~


Colonial Christmas Framed Sampler

Colonial Sampler measures 8" x 11" and is a 
Primitive Stitchin design by Shelly Auen.  
I stitched this on overdyed aged osnaburg 
one thread over two and secured it to 
a backing board with hand stitching, 
no glue was used.  

The frame is based in black with muted
gray overbrushing.  There is a brown paper
dust cover on the back and jute secured
to the frame for hanging if desired.

~ Tis sold - thank you Stephanie ~


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