September Updates

Primitive Scarecrow Hornbook

This primitive hornbook measures 
5-1/2" x 9-1/4" and is stitched with
Valdani hand over-dyed threads.
There are three teeny seed beads
secured to the front of her apron,
rusty wire and star are wound
around the top.  

The hornbook is prim hand cut
from reclaimed wood.  

~ 'tis sold - Thank You Donna ~

Harvest 1823 Pinkeep

The harvest cross stitch pinkeep 
measures 5"x 8-1/4"
and is stitched on aged linen with
conventional cotton threads.

The pinkeep is snipped filled, backed
with cotton and has a rusty bell and pin 
secured on it.

~tis sold - Thank you Nancy~

Pumpkin Hill Needle Punch Pocket

This needle punch pocket measures
4-1/2" x 5" and is stitched with Valdani 
handover-dyed threads.  The scene
depicts an old farmhouse with
a pumpkin patch close by.
I have stitched it to a prim aged burlap 
bag and stitched a patch on the back. 

~tis sold - Thank you Nancy~

October 31 Linen Pinkeep

This prim cross stitch pinkeep measures 
4-1/2"x 5-1/4"and is stitched on 
heavily aged linen.
It is lightly batt filled with edge 
whipstitching and a rusty bell pinned
to the front.

~tis sold - Thank you Nancy~

~ Thank you for stopping by, see you next month ~